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Mariana´s  unique approach to music has turned her into a referent in argentinian muscial scene for more than a decade. Owner of a priviledge voice and a wide vocal range that covers all kind of musical pieces, printing in them a personal touch.

Her music has conquered Japan, one of the most complex scenarios in the world, there she travels every year to edit her work. With seven solo albums she is also a special guest star in many others artist´s albums. Her percussion set is made of local instruments.

She is the first female argentine percussionist to use feet accessories to play music and also encourages her students to do it.
She is also the teacher of a new generation of women that follow her path, aesthetics and example. She has developed her own style as regards as singing with “caja” and has installed her “Solo set”, making her a pionner in combining singing and percussion adding new instruments to argentine folkloric music. She is really an example of commitment to music, independet work, and a permanent searcher of her ancestral roots.

Her musical works stand out because of the dedicate art, aesthethics, photography and sound, and have been awarded many times.
• Singer, percussionist, charanguista and argentine composser. She has seven records: Vallista (2015), Sangre Buena (2013), Churita (2010) Florcita de Amancay (childre´s music 2010), Margarita y Azucena (2007), Deslumbre (2005) and Lumbre (2002). Nowadays she is working on her eighth album for children that will be edited this year with the special apprearance of “Orquestas Infanto Juveniles del norte de Argentina”.

• Gardel award winner in 2016 and 2011 as Best Female Folklore Singer; Clarín award winner 2005 as Folklore revelation. Her solo project has taken her to the most well known music festivals around the world in countries such as, Germany, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain, México, United States, Senegal, Japan, Palestine and Israel.

• Since 2005 she works with argentine fashion designer Martin Churba for Tramando, they have presented works in Argentina and Japan. Churba is in charge of Mariana´s guardrobe and art direction (

• She works with Mario Paz family, Santiago del Estero craftmen, respresenting their Legüeros drums and cajas chayeras.

National and International Festivals:
2016 Patria Grande Festival (Tecnopolis) SALTA ARGENTINA.
Vendimia National Festival. MENDOZA ARGENTINA.
2015 Japan Tour.
Curanto National Festival BARILOCHE ARGENTINA.
2014 Tradition Festival  SAN ANTONIO DE ARECO ARGENTINA.
2013 Sukiyaki meets the world. JAPAN.
2011 Poncho Festival. ARGENTINA.
Charangos of the world festival ARGENTINA.
Patria Grande Festival. ARGENTINA.
Ollinkan Festival. MEXICO.
Sukiyaki meets the world. JAPAN.
Changoo world music workshop festival. COREA.
2009 IX Salvador de Bahía Cultural Market. BRASIL.
XXVII Curitiba Music workshop. BRASIL.
2008 Salvador de Bahía Special Edition Cultural Market. BRASIL.
2007 Rudolstadt Festival. GERMANY.
XQ Integral Percussions Beat Valls Festival. SPAIN.
Auditori Percussion Festival. SPAIN.
2004 Black Atlantic Festival Haus der Kulturen de welt Berlin. GERMANY.
2003 Salvador de Bahía Cultural Market. Brasil.

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